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Upcoming Call with Andy Wibbels of

Andy Wibbels of Easy Bake Weblogs has asked me to participate in a call in his series of "blog conversations". We'll be talking about how the weblog world listens, partially based on this post. The call happens tomorrow (Tuesday) night - sorry for the late notice.

Here is the information as posted on

This time we are talking to Lee LeFever from Common Craft - a blog about social design for the web. We'll be talking about:

How the Weblog World Listens

What enables a blogger to hear so well?

Why can bloggers listen better than others?

Why does this matter and how can it impact your business?

Tuesday May 24th @ 7:00 EST

1-858-400-4040, PIN# 60657


The call is open to anyone, so please do call in and participate. Big thanks to Andy for giving me the opportunity...