Wow, Thanks So Much for the Feedback

We are blown away with the response to the recent post "What Videos Should We Make?"  Not just the quantity (over 50 comments and lots of email), but the quality.  It's exciting to see suggestions that have opened up new ideas and ones that fit with a couple of the themes that have been top-of-mind. 

As I've told Sachi recently, it feels a little like we're at the edge of a pool, preparing to jump in.  We're confident that we're on the right track, but the content of our future videos will diverge from the social media focus that people have come to expect from Common Craft. That's why your suggestions have been so encouraging - they help us see that there is a need for the kinds of "back to basics" videos we'd like to make.

At the end of the day, change is not only good, but necessary and the shock of a cold pool quickly becomes refreshing. I think we'll dive-in head first.