Video: Algorithms - What They Are, Why They Matter

The Common Craft libraries continue to grow.

Today we're publishing a new video (our 78th!) and have recently added a lot of new Cut-outs (now over 2,200!)

The new video explains algorithms - what they are and why they matter.

What it Teaches:

This video is an introduction to the basic ideas of algorithms. It explains how computers, websites and digital products need instructions that answer the question “what should I do next?” in order to complete tasks, serve customers and gather information. It teaches:

  • Why algorithms are similar to offline customer service
  • How to think about and visualize an algorithm
  • Why algorithms run our favorite websites
  • How a popular music website might use algorithms

Watch the full video now

2,200 Cut-outs!

Our library of Common Craft Cut-outs is always growing and expanding. Here's a small sample of new ones.

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