Project Based Learning - Explained: A Custom Video Project with BIE

When people ask about the inspiration for our style of videos, I often say that our videos reflect the way that I wish I had learned in school. My learning style wasn't a good match for the way I was taught. 

Recently we completed a custom video project with the Buck Institute for Education (BIE) that focuses on a Project Based Learning or "PBL", and boy did it open my eyes. I can now see that I needed teachers who put PBL to work. I needed to get up from my desk and engage. I needed to work on a real-world issue and use creativity and problem solving - what are known as 21st century skills these days. 

The video below is an introduction to PBL and how it impacted a science teacher's students and helped their community.

It was a pleasure working with Alfred and the team at BIE and I hope this video will help them get more people interested in PBL. You can learn more at