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New Explainer Network Member: 1/29 Explainers

129explainersWe're excited to announce a new member of the Common Craft Explainer Network, 1/29 Explainers. Executive producer Nick Seuser and the 1/29 team have ton of experience in the film and video world.

Our introduction to 1/29 was through the "Behind the Logic" series of videos they did for Pandora. You can watch them on the 1/29 Explainers home page. We were impressed with the entertaining creative way they explain the logic that connects the music that plays via Pandora.  Here's an example:

1/29 Explainers, like all members of the Explainer Network, are available for creating custom explanatory videos for your product or service. We created the Network to help organizations in need of videos find talented video producers. Other members include: Switch Video, LilipipEpipheo Studios and 'Splainers.