New Video: Video Editing Explained by Common Craft

Today, everyone can be a video producer with the help of a computer and editing software. This video, a top request of our members, explains the big ideas behind video editing

Watch it now.

What it Teaches:
We are shooting and sharing video more than ever before. To make it useful, we need to learn the basics of turning raw video footage into a short video. This is the story of Liz, who edits a video for her company’s website.  It teaches:
  • How video footage moves from the camera to the software
  • Why video planning matters
  • How to edit using a system of Plan, Select, Refine
  • How to replace audio for specific scenes
  • What to do with a finished video
Are you a teacher or trainer? This video is part of the Common Craft video library and is designed for teaching technology quickly and with a smile. Common Craft members can download and/or embed the video for use on public or private websites.