New Video: Two Factor Authentication - Explained by Common Craft

For too long, passwords were the only thing standing between criminals and the valuable information you keep online. Now, websites and apps are adding a second layer of security called Two Factor Authentication and this video explains why it matters, and how it works.

New Video: Two Factor Authentication 

What it Teaches:

Passwords alone may not be enough to keep criminals from accessing your sensitive online accounts and causing serious problems. Using a simple analogy of an offline storage company, this video explains Two Factor Authentication and why it matters. It teaches:

  • Why a second layer of security may be needed in addition to a password
  • Why two factor authentication is effective
  • How two factor authentication works
  • How to enable two factor authentication
  • What to expect when logging in with two factor authentication

Watch the Video

This new video is also part of our Internet Safety Pack of videos. 


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