New Video: Critical Thinking Explained

This video, our 115th title, is now available for embedding, downloading, or streaming in the Common Craft video library. It's just over three minutes and the third in a series that includes Working as a Team and Constructive Criticism / Feedback.

Critical Thinking Promo

What it Teaches:

Critical thinking is a skill that can be learned and applied to almost any situation. This video tells the story of a team who uses critical thinking in a robot building competition. It teaches:

  • The difference between an active and passive thinker
  • Why critical thinking matters and how to apply it
  • Why success depends on high quality information
  • How to use critical thinking to identify the best information
  • How a team can anticipate future issues

Note: Each Common Craft video comes with a lesson plan that makes teaching easier. Curious? Download the lesson plan for the video above (PDF).

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