New Video: Bias Detection

It's back-to-school time and we just published a video that's perfect for helping students navigate the wild world of media. It's all about understanding and detecting bias.

Here are the highlights:

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What it Teaches:

Building on the example of sports fans, this video illustrates how bias is a common and sometimes productive part of how we communicate. It also shows how bias can cause problems when it’s hidden or not detected. This video teaches:

  • Why bias is a common and expected part of communicating
  • Why high-quality information needs to be unbiased
  • What problems occur when bias is ignored
  • What to look for - common signs of bias in media

Watch the full video now

Coming Soon: Our Secrets, Revealed

Our big focus this fall is getting the Explainer Academy ready for prime time. For the first time, we'll show you every step we take in making a Common Craft video from scripts to storyboards and production.

In fact, we recently filmed a whole video shoot to document how the videos come together.

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