New Video: Account Security (Why Strong Passwords are Not Enough)

Our latest video explains why a strong password is not enough and what we can do to prevent problems with access to our sensitive accounts.

It's called Account Security - Explained by Common Craft.  

Here are the highlights:

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About this video:

From email to bank accounts and healthcare information, a lot of our sensitive information now lives online. Along with strong passwords, there are many things we can do to prevent access to this information. This video explains:

  • The risk of others having access to your accounts
  • How to be responsible with login information
  • What to consider when using public computers
  • Two-Step Verification
  • Password Manager Apps

How to Use This Video

This video is part of our Net Safety series and is designed to help your audience understand ways they can be more safe and secure online. It can be used in corporate or educational situations. 

Watch the full video.