This blog is where we announce new videos & talk about the power of explanation & the change it can create. 

Major Updates to Our Videos (2 Examples)

A couple of weeks ago, we announced The Common Craft Store.  It was a pretty soft roll-out, but was a huge moment for us.  Not only did it mark the end of a lot of preparation, but a new business model.  So far, so good.  Plus, the more-ready-for-prime-time Store will soon be coming to an Internet near you.

A big part of preparing to open the Store was making new versions of each video in both Windows (.wmv) and Mac (.mov) formats.  This gave us a chance to make improvements across the library - especially to our first few videos, which has sound and color issues.

The first example is a major update for the "licensed version" of RSS in Plain English video, which is only available in the Store.  We recorded a new voice-over and re-edited it to be more efficient and have improved color. The content is nearly identical to the original, free version. Below is the updated, licensed version:

The second example is CFL Light Bulbs in Plain English (formerly New Light Bulbs in Plain English).  When we originally published it, it did not contain a warning about mercury and disposing of the bulbs properly.  This new version of the video contains a mercury warning. This updated video is now available in both free and licensed versions. Below is the updated, free version:

We're so excited about this new direction.  We'll be providing all future Common Craft Show videos in free and licensed versions - and the licensed ones will be displayed in full length in the Store.