Learn How BBC Makes 3 Minute Explainer Videos

I'm so impressed. The BBC is now producing Explainer videos and one of the producers they've used, After the Floodtook the time to explain their process in video form:

The video above is from a blog post with much more information about scripting, storyboarding and production

The BBC and After The Flood obviously have high standards, but don't let their technical focus discourage you. You can make an explainer videos for your team, product, students or classroom without having to worry about an audience of millions. 

Many of the points in the video are true in any context. A couple of strong points:

With a running time of just three minutes, an Explainer video needs to get its point across very efficiently. It’s impossible to cover all the ground in a particular area, so you need to focus on a story ‘hook’ that is fundamental, understandable and repeatable. Examples from previous Explainer videos include: ‘The stars are us and we are the stars’ and ‘The Titanic was unlucky, not doomed’. This message should be carried throughout the script and throughout the choice of visual elements.

On three big elements of explainers:
Your story idea will have to accommodate three distinct layers of information, and it’s worth identifying these at an early stage:
  • Primary info: the core material in question (e.g. the human circulatory system)
  • Secondary info: required for explanation (e.g. the role of oxygen in the blood)
  • Tertiary info: signposts that lead to related topics (e.g. exercise and cardiovascular health)

 Read the whole article.

NOTE: If you're interested in learning in-depth about the skill of explanation and how to make Common Craft Style videos, check out our online courses at the Explainer Academy.