How to Teach Internet Safety

If I could wave a magic wand and change one thing for internet users, it might be this: learn how to be safe and responsible online. Awareness of the threats and a clear understanding of how to avoid them is essential to protecting yourself when using the web.

That's why we make videos that teach internet safety. Videos have real power in teaching these subjects because they can create a clear understanding of the real world consequences that can arise from being careless online. Videos do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.


Video Packs: A New Resource for Teaching

Recently, we created a new resource that makes teaching easier. It's called Video Packs. The packs save time by giving you sharing tools, lesson plans, and related videos, all in one place. We currently have five packs, with more on the way.

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The Internet Safety Pack

Our Internet Safety Pack contains ten videos, which are all displayed on a single page. There is no better way to access these videos, along with features for embedding the videos, downloading the video files and more.

Video Packs are included with Common Craft Pro and Editor Plans. 

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A Video Introduction to Internet Safety

The video below serves as an introduction to our Internet Safety videos. If you're curious about using videos to help your audience stay safe online, watch and consider sharing it. It's available on YouTube and Facebook.