ExplainerGIFs - A Free Guide to Creating Useful Animated GIFs Using Common Tools

Our free, self-paced guide will teach you how to create useful animated GIFs using common tools like PowerPoint and screencasting software.

I’m quite sure you’ve seen animated GIFs on the web. Usually, they are short, looping clips of hilarious cats, or scenes from TV shows. GIFs have a long, wonderful history of being entertaining.

We believe the format is capable of so much more. GIFs can be useful.

In fact, I believe that animated GIFs have the potential to become a new kind of explainer experience; one that plays reliably across the web - and in email.  We call them ExplainerGIFs and our free guide will show you exactly how to create them using common tools. 

What you’ll learn in the ExplainerGIFs guide:

  • GIF Format - what it is, where it came from and how it works
  • Constraints - how technical limitations influence GIF use
  • Utility - the rise of useful animated GIFs
  • Tools - creating and recording ideas as animations
  • Conversion - how to turn video clips into animated GIFs
  • Optimizing and Sharing - Get the most from your ExplainerGIFs

Here are the sections of the guide:

Common Craft ExplainerGIF Index

Here’s an example that I made using PowerPoint animations and screencasting software:

Common Craft ExplainerGIF Intro


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