Designing Common Craft T-Shirts on

As you may have seen, the Common Craft Store has a section for merchandise that is looking pretty minimal at the moment.  At the same time, we often get requests for t-shirts.  Hopefully, we're about to solve this problem.

We've created a new "assignment" on a website called Pixish. Using Pixish, we can describe an image we need and have a community of creative people submit their ideas.  The creator of the winning images win "rewards" - often money, links, etc.  

We're hoping to identify 2-3 images that we can put on t-shirts and other fun things that are offered in our store.  If you're creative and want to participate, please do.  The details are here.

We're offering $200US to the winners, plus some link-love from this blog.  The assignment ends on September 15th.

What would you like to see on a Common Craft t-shirt?