Dan Gillmor: Interview in Online Community Report

Online Community Report: Interview with Dan Gillmore

I really like these short and insightful interviews by Jim Cashel. In this one Dan Gillmore talk about the value of online communities, group interaction and weblogs. Some good quotes:

What we need to see is a big company really open itself to what the Cluetrain guys were talking about: the market as a conversation. I just don't see it happening yet, but it will.

Man, so true, the Cluetrain Manifesto first lit my fire for all this stuff.

Blogs will evolve. As millions come online, we'll need better tools (RSS aggregators, for example) to follow the conversations. But what they set off was absolutely essential: a move toward a Web that we could all write on, not just read -- a move back to what Tim Berners-Lee envisioned in the first place. The importance of that is impossible to overstate.