Custom Video: Rightcliq by Visa

Today Visa is rolling out a new product called Rightcliq that makes online shopping easier and more social. It works in your browser like a bookmark or plug-in. I'll let the video below explain the rest. You'll find it on the Visa website here.

About this production

Like so many online products, Rightcliq by Visa has an explanation problem that deserves special attention. A solid explanation is key for people to see the value and feel connected to what it does. For example, people have been shopping online for years.  We have our favorite sites and feel comfortable with the process. The online shopping experience is well established in our minds. Because it's so well established, we may even be skeptical of change - and therein lies the challenge.

How do you convince someone that something they already love could be even better? Our challenge with this video was to help the audience identify with the problems of online shopping (products on multiple sites, lack of input from friends, payment hassles, package tracking) and then show how Rightcliq solves them - and the key is to "show."  Explaining this kind of product is difficult with words or even pictures, but a story in video form about a person "Jennifer" who experiences Rightcliq - that's where the product comes to life.  As always, our goal is for the viewer to say "I feel that way!" about the problems and "I want to use that!" to the solutions.

We really enjoyed working with the Rightcliq team at Visa.  They were not only very professional and amazingly organized, but fun - something we value highly.

For more info, see this TechCrunch article.