Boeing's Blog- Now More "Real"

A while back I linked to a "blog" by Boeing VP Randy Beseler. The blog world gave them a lot of hell because it wasn't a "real blog". That point is debatable in my eyes and I thought it was a move in the right direction, at least.

What Randy's blog lacked was the ability to become a part of what I hear people call "the conversation". It lacked a few features that enable him to really participate in the blog world.

Namely, those features were permalinks and RSS feeds. Without these, it could be a blog- but not one capable of being a part of the bigger picture- the conversation that occurs across blogs. RSS and permalinks are essential.

Alas, Boeing has heard the feedback and is now using a new blog platform that provides these very features and more. They still aren't allowing comments, but, again, it's moving in the right direction.

If you're curious why permalinks are so important- they enable me to point you directly to a single post. Before, without them, I could only point you to the overall site, where you'd have to search for the post.