Do You Have an Inspiring Weblog Story to Share?

I’m looking for your help again, dear reader. I have a presentation on Wednesday and I plan to tell some stories. I’m introducing weblogs to about 25 people in 30 minutes, some of which know blogs, others, not so much.

I’m looking for inspiring stories of how an individual used a weblog and the weblog community to create real change in some way. Large or small stories, personal or second hand, I'll take all comers.

My point will be that weblogs and related tools are giving individuals a new kind of power- power that was not possible to achieve 5-10 years ago.

Secondly, I want to use this entry in the presentation as a living example of how we work together. That is, if you choose to work with me here. Pretty please? Just be on your best behavior…

What stories can you share about people using weblogs to create change?

My preference would be for you to leave a comment, but you can email me too. lee at commoncraft dot com. Thanks in advance!