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43 Things in the Seattle Times

The Seattle Times had an article today about 43 Things. Unlike the conspiracy theories started from the Salon article, this one is a bit more balanced and talks about it as an example of Social Networking sites.

Some people have asked why I'm always talking about the Robot Coop and 43 Things. For one, I think it's a fascinating experiment. In my mind they are doing something that is a new form of online community, melding blogs, social networking and folksonomies together around the accomplishment of goals. They are testing some of the most cutting edge concepts on the web.

Also, I had a chance to see it take off. The CEO, Josh Petersen, lives about 2 houses away and I saw the idea long before it was "43 Things". I go to bat for those guys because I believe in what they are doing and want people to see past the conspiracy theories.