Online Vermin and Refactoring Weblogs

There’s a lot going on out there and I wish I had more time to take it all in. I’m about to leave town tomorrow morning for a bachelor party so I’m posting the bare minimum here. A couple of things that caught my eye recently:

Amy Gahran has been posting a series called Handling Porcupines, Trolls, and Other Online Vermin that is about understanding and working with people who have poor online communication skills.

Someone who has a lot of experience in the area above is Tom Coates. Though his latest post is not related to vermin, but: On hybridised RSS feeds as evidence of a need for weblog refactoring... ...which turned into a history of weblogs and social tools.

Tom is asking if it’s time to step back from our blogs ask if it’s time to figure out what’s next. Don't be scared by the awful title- it is food for thought indeed.

Wish me luck for the coming days, Vegas in the crosshairs.