From Abstract to Concrete - A Custom Video Example

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In late 2023, I shared the story of a custom video project with Francis Waller at ​Gap Management. Francis had a familiar problem: his organization is effective and has an impressive track record, but communicating that value to prospective clients is challenging. He came to Common Craft to solve this problem and create a video for the Gap Management home page.

A Classic Explanation Problem

Gap Management’s success was limited by how it was being communicated. According to Francis, prospective clients get lost in the details and aren’t able to easily see the big picture. Gap’s service concept is relatively simple, but feels abstract. This is a common problem that explainer videos can help solve.

We saw an opportunity to move from abstract to concrete. That meant talking about the pain that his potential clients currently feel. When watching the video, we want them to say: “That’s me! I have that problem!” In the video, we asked: “What if you knew your clients’ honest and unbiased opinions?” That's the value proposition of Gap Management. 

Visualizing Service

Service-based businesses can be a challenge to explain. Unlike a product, you can’t hold it in your hand, or see it in a photo. The value can be difficult to see or understand quickly.

Gap’s clients want to understand the honest perceptions of their customers. This information comes from Gap conducting dozens of interviews with the organization’s customers and analyzing the results. This can get complicated quickly, so we worked to visualize the interviews, the patterns they produce, and how that information closes a gap.

The video also provides an example of a Gap client. This person is surprised to discover that his biggest opportunity for improvement involves clearer communication.

You can see the final video on the ​Gap Management home page.

Kind Words from Francis:

The video you produced checks all of the boxes I had before we started: It delivers the key message clearly, is not technical, is in a friendly and personable style, and is well-produced.

It has been a great experience working with you. The video is timeless, direct, and warm. Common Craft is well-organized and friendly. You interviewed me in a professional and non-threatening manner, and each draft was an improvement that added real insight to the completed explainer video.

~ Francis Waller

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