The Original Explainers


The first Common Craft Video.

In 2007, we made the first explainer videos of the YouTube era and have earned over 50 million video views.


Common Craft Cut-outs.

In 2012, we wrote the definitive book on the subject: The Art of Explanation. It’s been translated into 8 languages.


Common Craft Courses at Explainer Academy.

Today, we're creating videos, visuals and courses designed to help you explain with confidence.

Resources that help make explaining easy:

Teach with Explainer Videos

Our library of 120 original videos is designed to help you introduce and explain complicated subjects quickly. Embed or download videos for use in classrooms, presentations, courses and learning management systems.

Video: Why Educators Use Common Craft

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Get Creative with Cut-outs

Make your next creative project remarkable using our library of 3,388 original, matching visuals.

Built for explanation, our Cut-outs are designed to keep the focus on your message. Download high resolution images to your computer and use them in presentations, documents, training materials, videos and more.

Video: Using Cut-outs in Creative Projects

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Explanation Skills


You Can Create Simple Animated Videos

We teach everything you need to create effective animated videos for your website, presentation, meeting, and more.

Our online courses make learning easy. You'll learn the six skills of animated video production with a focus on common tools like presentation software.

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Learn Powerful Explanation Skills
Common Craft Video.

Why Videos?

  • Save time with short introductions
  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Entertain and enlighten
  • Embed videos on your webpage
  • Download videos for your classroom
  • Get new videos as they're published
  • Make students smile!
Common Craft Cut-outs.

Why Cut-outs?

  • Access 1000s of visuals
  • Use to create animated videos
  • Add personality to presentations
  • Develop informative graphics
  • Search our huge, growing library
  • Download PNG, EPS or SVG files
  • Access packs of related visuals
  • Make your project remarkable!
Explainer Academy

Why Courses?

  • Develop powerful explanation skills
  • Learn to create explainer videos
  • Participate online, on your schedule
  • Download guides and templates
  • Learn from 60+ videos
  • Purchase once, have it forever
  • Earn the influence you deserve!