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Interview for IT Conversations by Jon Udell

Posted by: leelefever on July 31, 2008- 5:00pm

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Recently I spent some time with Jon Udell for an episode of IT Conversations.  Jon posted the interview today.  I just listened to it and nothing I said made me cringe, so I thought I'd share it here with you. :) We talked about the evolution of the Common Craft format, different learning styles, off board brains and explanation problems, among other things. Have a listen or download it on the IT Conversations blog post.  Thanks a lot for the opportunity Jon! I think it came out really well...

Interview with Nora Young on CBC Radio's Spark

Posted by: leelefever on March 17, 2008- 5:00pm

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Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nora Young, host of the CBC Radio Show Spark, which is described as "smart and unexpected trendwatching." The show airs tomorrow at 11:30 EST and 4pm EST on CBC Radio One. Nora has been exploring the world of how-to videos and came across Common Craft. We talked about the elements of good explanations, why technology needs them and what's driving the growth of online how-to videos. Plus, she asks for an ad hoc explanation of podcasting (live... Continue Reading

Home for the Holidays (and an off-topic interview)

Posted by: leelefever on December 20, 2007- 4:00pm

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First, we want to wish you and yours good cheer and positive vibes for the Holidays.  It's been an exciting year for us at Common Craft and it couldn't have happened without you.  Your links, your blog entries, your emails to friends all put a spotlight on our work that wouldn't have happened otherwise.  Maybe there is something to this social media thing after all. J Between now and the New Year, we'll be with families on separate coasts and generally unavailable.  If you're looking for an... Continue Reading

TeacherTube: An Educator's Workaround for Online Video

Posted by: leelefever on December 6, 2007- 4:00pm

Categories: education, interview, socialmedia, video, videohosts, youtube


It's easy to assume that YouTube and similar hosts are open to everyone but it's not the case for a lot of professionals.  We hear from people almost every day that need a way to access our videos off the web because their organizatio/school restricts access to websites like YouTube. We recently became aware of TeacherTube, which is a video sharing site that has become a workaround for educators who can't access YouTube videos on the web. Many schools may block YouTube, but allow access to... Continue Reading

Stewart Butterfield on

Posted by: leelefever on January 21, 2007- 4:00pm

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Stewart Butterfield is one of the co-founders of Flickr, which is a photo sharing site that has been the subject of a near-absolute love-fest among geeky types for years. It has become one of the most cited examples of Web 2.0. I use it everyday and so do my friends. Flickr does do so, so many things right. Anyway, Stewart was interviewed by CNN recently. (watch Video with different content) My favorite answer from the interview: CNN: What's the key to making online communities work? A lot... Continue Reading

Sir Tim - You must feel SOME responsibility!

Posted by: leelefever on August 9, 2005- 5:00pm

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I really enjoyed reading the BBC interview with Tim Berners-Lee. But, I was in awe at how Mark Lawson kept trying to get him to say that he felt responsible for the bad elements of the web... But do you feel responsible? You say humanity will do whatever it does with it, do you feel responsible for what happens? You must reflect though on the law of unintended consequences because it wasn't remotely ever your intention when you started on this that so much of the web would be given over to... Continue Reading

GnomeDex Video Interviews by Peter Grondal

Posted by: leelefever on June 27, 2005- 5:00pm

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Peter Grondal was the guy that you saw in this position throughout GnomeDex and the BBQ: He got some great footage from lots of interesting people and it's now online for your viewing pleasure. Check out the videos. Thanks for getting this out there Peter, and for coming to the BBQ!

Audio from "Blog Conversation" with Andy Wibbels

Posted by: leelefever on June 21, 2005- 5:00pm

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Andy Wibbels at Easy Bake Weblogs invited me to participate in one of his regularly scheduled "Blog Conversations" calls. The audio and call notes are here. I had a great time and got to wax philosophic on some of the things I'm most passionate about. Thanks for the opportunity Andy!

Upcoming Call with Andy Wibbels of

Posted by: leelefever on May 22, 2005- 5:00pm

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Andy Wibbels of Easy Bake Weblogs has asked me to participate in a call in his series of "blog conversations". We'll be talking about how the weblog world listens, partially based on this post. The call happens tomorrow (Tuesday) night - sorry for the late notice. Here is the information as posted on This time we are talking to Lee LeFever from Common Craft - a blog about social design for the web. We'll be talking about: How the Weblog World Listens What enables a blogger... Continue Reading

Business Week Interview with Howard Rheingold

Posted by: leelefever on August 12, 2004- 5:00pm

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I really like it when Howard talks about the future. It speaks to me on such a real level. In this interview, he (among many other things) talks about how the choices we make as technology users (links in weblogs, ratings on Amazon, articles in Wikipedia) make for really useful ways to filter and find information without the intent to do so- and how this is disruptive to businesses. Google is based on the emergent choices of people who link. Nobody is really thinking, "I'm now contributing... Continue Reading