Working with LEGO

If you’re like most people of my generation, you grew up with LEGO bricks. The little snap-together blocks became anything you could imagine.  That’s because, as we learned recently, LEGO isn’t just a toy, it’s a medium, a platform, a language. It occupies a special place in the world.

Recently we had the opportunity to learn a lot about the company through working with them on an internal-only video project with the goal of explaining to LEGO employees how the company will innovate in the future through a philosophy called “System In Play”.  It was no small challenge, but one of which we’re very proud to have been a part.

I spent a couple of days at the company’s headquarters in Billund, Denmark and worked with Per Hjuler, Senior Vice President of Brand, Communication and Concept Development  and Paal Smith-Meyer, Senior Director, New Business Group. Despite being very busy, Per and Paal were among the most responsive and engaged clients we’ve had. And of course, we made a great video together.


Lee, this is perfect. Thanks to both you and the team around it. It came out exactly as I had hoped it would thanks to your ability to listen to our input and translate that into your well working format.

- Per Hjuler

I came away from this project with a new respect for LEGO. Not just for the toys they make, but the amazing culture of the company and how they approach their product. I could go on-and-on. It was truly a privilege.

While I can’t share the video, I have provided some photos and screenshots below. (More photos on Flickr)

This is Per, yours truly and Paal in front of the LEGO logo.

The LEGO logo above is made entirely of LEGO mini-figures



The lobby of LEGO Headquarters, which opens onto the distribition and packaging facility. I was able to tour the facility, but pictures were not allowed inside.