We're a Webby Award Honoree for Best Writing, Online Video

This morning we learned that we're an official Webby Award Honoree in the category of Best Writing, Online Film and Video! Woohoo!

But what does that mean?  Here's what it says on the Webby Award website:

As a result of the exceptional quality of submissions this year, the Academy has chosen to recognize work exhibiting remarkable achievement that was not selected as a Nominee. Out of the nearly 10,000 entries submitted to the 13th Annual Webby Awards, less than 15% are awarded the status of Official Honorees. 

So, we made the short-list, but were not selected for a nomination.  We're completely excited to be an honoree and congratulate the nominees and look forward to seeing who takes the prize. 

Last year we were an honoree in the category of Technology, Online Film and Video.