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Podcasts have exploded in popularity because they offer an always-on resource for information and entertainment. This video explains the role podcasts play in media, how to listen to podcasts and how they fit into busy lives.

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- More Info & Transcript

Video Transcript:

It wasn’t that long ago that TV shows were broadcast only. People gathered around at a specific time because broadcasts happened in real time. If you weren’t there on time, you missed the show.

Over time, that all changed with the invention of digital video recorders or DVRs, which made it possible to record or subscribe to your favorite shows and watch them at any time.  

Something similar happened to radio shows, which are also broadcast in real time.

Podcasting made it possible to record or subscribe to a radio style show, and listen to it, like a tv show on a DVR, any time you like.

Most podcasts have a theme, consistent hosts and are organized into episodes that are published on a regular basis.

Free podcasting apps or programs make it easy to subscribe and listen from your device or computer.

When you subscribe to a podcast, new episodes will arrive automatically via an internet connection when they’re published.

Usually, recent episodes will be downloaded to your computer or device for listening offline, but you can also stream most podcasts without downloading the file.

Popular subjects are interview shows, true crime, politics, history, pop culture and more.
Subscribe to a few podcasts and see what you like. It may also help to ask friends for suggestions.

To listen, just open the app, click or tap an episode and take it in. Many people listen to podcasts when they would otherwise listen to music.

Podcasting can turn a commute, road trip or flight into an educational experience. It can make exercise or gardening more interesting and fun. For many, it can be an alternative to a watching a screen.

Many podcasts are advertising or donation supported, which can help make them free to you. To support a podcast you like, rate them on podcast services, tell your friends and consider supporting their sponsors.

Today, you’re likely to find podcasts devoted to almost any hobby or interest you have. The variety is wide and growing, in part, because almost anyone with an idea, computer and internet connection can create and publish a new podcast. Yes, you could be a podcaster.

Podcasting represents a vast, always-on resource that’s free, easy to use and full of education, entertainment and experiences that can be helpful and productive.

The only question is - what will you listen to today?



What it teaches:

Podcasts are now a major source of information and entertainment, but many people are still unsure about how they work and how it can fit into their lives. This video explains the basic idea of podcasting and answers common questions about being a podcast listener. It teaches:

  • Why podcasts are like DVRs for radio shows
  • What many podcasts have in common
  • The major types of podcasts and what to expect
  • How to subscribe and listen to a podcast
  • How podcasts fit into busy lives

Video Info:

  • Duration:  02m 57s
  • Captions Available:  YES
  • Lesson Plan:  YES
  • Category:  Technology, Social Media
  • ISTE Standard:  Empowered Learner, Indicator 1d
  • ACRL Info Literacy Frame:  Information Has Value, Scholarship as a Conversation, Information Creation as a Process

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