Common Craft erklärt Ihnen Augmented Reality

Eine Einführung in eine neue Technologie und nützliche Informationen zu Computer- und Smartphone-Kamera-Screens.

Learn to make animated videos quickly

We're teaching a method that uses presentation software to create animated videos. No complicated editing, and no expensive software.

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Explain Your Ideas with Cut-outs

Make your next creative project remarkable using our library of 3,388 original, matching visuals.

Download high resolution images to your computer and use them in presentations, documents, training materials, videos and more.

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"I use Common Craft Cut-outs to explain complex concepts and brighten presentations at our company."
- Julie Rieken, CEO, Trakstar and Reviewsnap
Explainer Academy
Develop powerful explanation skills. Learn to create animated explainer videos. 
Join Common Craft founder Lee LeFever in online, self-paced courses at the Explainer Academy.

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"In a word, the Explainer Academy was delightful, very well executed, and very practical."
- Bill Welter, President, Adaptive Strategies

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