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Video: Wikipedia - Explained by Common Craft

Today we've published a new video:  Wikipedia - Explained by Common Craft

Wikipedia Video by Common Craft

Wikipedia is one of those resources that works, but it's not always clear why.  It seems preposterous that 1000s of volunteers could not only create an online encyclopedia, but also make it a trusted resource for millions around the world for many years. But it is a reality.  Wikipedia has become one of the web's biggest success stories. 

But how does it really work? What is in place to make sure that the information is factual and high quality?  The goal of this video is to answer these questions.

For this video, we had help from the Wikimedia Foundation, the not-for-profit organization behind Wikipedia.  We worked with them on two versions of the video - a short version that we licensed to the Foundation that focuses on Wikipedia's two big rules and the longer version you see here.  The longer version is more comprehensive and appropriate for classrooms and licensing. Whether you're new to Wikipedia or use it every day, this video will help you see what's happening behind the scenes. 

We expect this video to be licensed by individuals and organizations who want their students and colleagues to have a greater understanding of Wikipedia. This video comes with multiple licenses

Watch it now.