Video: BitTorrent - Explained by Common Craft


Today we’re publishing a new video: BitTorrent Explained by Common Craft

BitTorrent Explained

Watch the video.

Chances are, even if you’re one of the millions who use BitTorrent every day, you don’t really know how it works.  That’s part of the magic that makes it so popular - it just works.  It helps you download files from the Internet faster than any other method. This video explains the moving parts that work together to deliver the file to your computer.  

Those of you who tune-in to the Common Craft blog may remember that we made a custom video for BitTorrent a while back.  This video is very similar. Because BitTorrent is such a popular and misunderstood technology, we made a deal with the BitTorrent to be able to publish the video for our library.  So, it is now available for licensing and use in education.