Technorati's Top 500 and Other Milestones

First, let me say that I've been known to unsubscribe from blogs that become too self-congratulatory. It bugs me and I'm constantly aware of it here on Common Craft. That being said, this post may appear that way, as I'm about to share some rankings, numbers, etc. So please bear with me - we're both excited to share.

Just recently we hit a milestone in terms of our ranking on Technorati - the top 500. As you may know, Technorati tracks the links between blogs. A "Technorati Rank" is a ranking of blogs based on the number of sites that link to it. Common Craft's technorati rank recently broke into the top 500, meaning that, according to Technorati, we are the 498th most linked-to blog on the web. That seems unreal to me.

Along with Technorati rank is Technorati Authority, seen above in green. Authority is a count of the number of sites linking in the last 6 months. We recently broke the 2000 level on authority - which is pertinent now because it was nearly 6 months ago that we published the RSS in Plain English video. So, those links are about to expire - meaning our Technorati authority be begin to expire (erode?) soon.

Speaking of the RSS video, it recently reached a milestone too. The blog entry on this site reached it's 100,000th view. We happened to notice it about to click over and took this screen shot.

Of course, this is a count of page views. The RSS video has been viewed over 220,000 times across You Tube, DotSub and It is, by far, the leader in terms of visibility - and our most amateur work. It has been Dugg just shy of 1000 times, added to over 1200 times and translated in to over 20 languages on DotSub.

Of course, these are all things you did, dear reader. We owe you, big time. Thanks so, so much - and sorry for the ego stroking, we'll keep it to a minimum.