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Teaching Social Media?

As you may know, we've published a number "in Plain English" videos over the last year or two that are related to Social Media.  Taken together, there are 9 of them on subjects from Wikis to Twitter.  We've learned along the way that:

1) Professionals like you find these videos useful for introducing social media concepts to others.
2) You would prefer to use "Presentation Quality" versions that are downloadable and look great on screens of all types.
3) You love quantity discounts.

To serve all these needs, we've created the Social Media 9 Pack, which offers all 9 of our Social Media videos for the price of 7 videos.  For individuals, that's about US$132 for all 9, for 3 years. Of course, the same videos are available as a "Site License" for entire organizations as well.

You can purchase and immediately download the 9 pack via our Store. Here's what it includes:

Social Media 9 Pack (9 for the Price of 7)