Speaking at the Mesh Marketing Conference in Toronto

It seems like Toronto is becoming a second home for us.  I now have plans to be there for a conference called mesh marketing which happens on November 17th.

From the website:

Mesh brings together people who are passionate about the potential of the Web to change how we live, work and play. mesh is a gathering point for internet visionaries and communicators to Connect, Share and Inspire and to bring focus to emerging ideas and opportunities of the Web.

My session is called "A Story in Three Minutes - How to Explain Anything to Anyone" and is scheduled for 1pm.  I'll have a short presentation and then sit down with mesh co-founder Mark Evans for a "fireside chat".  I love the chat format and I'm excited to talk to Mark. Here's the complete schedule, filled with all kinds of smart people.  

I'll be in Toronto for a couple of days, so if you'd like to hook up while I'm there, just let me know.