Sean's T-Mobile Hell

Sean O'Driscoll unravels a long chain mishandled and unfortunate situations within the bowels of T-Mobile customer service. Sean's experience is sadly not unique, but his perspective is. He manages the community support services team at Microsoft and is tightly focused on the future of customer support. It appears that T-Mobile has provided him a great worst case scenario - he left the service because of it.

“sean, can I just have the agent call you back so we can handle this? Me: “NO! I won’t do that. This is not my problem, this is your problem. Now you want to take time from my family on another call. NO.�? Supervisor: “I understand, what do you want me to do? You don’t really have any other option here.�? Me: “Don’t have an option? Hah. I can drop you as a service provider.�? Supervisor: “Yes, you could do that.�? This was maybe the most depressing part of the call. She really didn’t care. And it was clearly not because she’s a bad person but because she has given up on her own employer. I actually felt sorry for her. I couldn’t yell at her. I said goodbye.