RSS in Plain English: Three Years Old Today

The video that started it all, RSS in Plain English, was published 3 years ago today.  We had no idea, three years ago, what we were getting ourselves into, but we're so happy that it has worked out the way it has. 

Here's the original version of the video.  The one that appears on this site (the one we license) has been updated for color and clarity.

The video currently has over 1.1 million views on You Tube and has been licensed hundreds of times. As much as the technical quality of the video makes me cringe, it goes to show that a video doesn't have to be technically perfect to be effective. Since that day, we've continued to publish videos on a monthly basis.

Here are a couple of Twitter updates from the day after we publised:

Good times.  After three years, the process of publishing a new video still gets my blood pumping.  More coming soon to Internets near you.