Request for Testimonials or Quotes

We're getting close to rolling out a new and improved version of and I have a favor to ask. We're planning to include testimonials in the new design. These are short quotes that will display the names (and organization names, if desired) of the people providing the quotes. 

While all testimonials are welcome, short quotes of 150 characters or less would be perfect (about the size of a Twitter update.) Just a few words about our videos, how they're used, results, etc.  Here's an example:

"Common Craft videos have helped me save time by getting everyone on the same page"

I feel a little funny asking, but we
don't often know how the videos being used and by whom.

A couple of things to remember:

  • Honesty - we are looking for quotes from people with real experience with our vidoes
  • Contact Info - If you provide a quote, please include information for contacting you
  • Our focus is education and training, so quotes from professionals in this world are much desired 

How to Share:

If you'd prefer to share a testimonial privately, please use our contact form.

If you don't mind sharing your experience with the world, that works too.  A few ways:

  • Write a review on our Facebook Fan Page  
  • Twitter It with #commoncraft
  • Leave a comment on this post.

Thanks so much for helping us with the new design!