Readable Video Inspiration: Examples of Readable Videos

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We are getting close to launching our new course "How to Create Readable Videos" and figured a Readable Video would be the perfect way to explain it. The video is 2.5 minutes long and you can find it on YouTube.

Ready to make your own? Go to

Quotes from professionals who recently took the course:

“My favorite professional development courses give me practical steps and inspire me to use them. The Readable Videos course is exactly that – two weeks after taking it, I’m using Readable Videos in job support and training for my organization. The time I invested in the course was very well spent.”

- Dawn Weiman, Library Trainer

“Having just completed the Readable Videos course, now I am able to create instructional videos without the hassle of voiceover, multiple retakes, or special software. His examples, tips, shared resources, and complete walkthrough made the process completely understandable. I have already created/shared a readable video and have several others in mind.”

- Jean Potter, Content Specialist