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Please Help Us Break In Common Craft's New Digs

This evening we've taken the wraps off the new and we'd love your feedback and help.

The biggest change is the new and improved video Store, which is fashioned after the shopping experience on sites like NetFlix. As I've said before, we see the Store as the centerpiece of our future business and we're so excited to have a foundation on which we can build.

To go with the new Store, we've made a video (below) that explains the way our video licensing works.  "Common Craft Licensing in Plain English" also appears on the Store's front page.

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You'll also see that the site has a similar but improved interface.

We'd love your help!


With Reporting Problems...

As you know, we don't have "testers" or "QA professionals."  If you see anything unexpected or erroneous, please do report it.  You can leave a comment here or contact us.

With Building Awareness...

We've heard positive feedback from Store customers and we're very confident in our product, but awareness remains as our biggest challenge.  People know the videos, but few understand that we offer them for licensed use in the workplace.

This is where you can help.  We would be forever indebted if you could help us spread the word.  The next time you talk to someone who says "I need an easy way to teach people at my company about social media", you might mention our Store.  Of course, blog posts and tweets help too. :)

Ultimately, our potential rides on the Store's success.  As it succeeds, we can devote more and more of our time to creating a growing library videos that are useful for non-commercial purposes on the Web and licensed use in the workplace.