Our RSS Video - Hijacked on YouTube

Check this out... someone uploaded a bullshit version of our RSS in Plain English video to YouTube with a crappy ad on it.

I would love it if you could help me rectify this situation by reporting it to YouTube as inappropriate and/or leaving a comment on the video about it being a fake.

Update: After a handful of you good people left comments, the user has now removed the offending video. I think this was, in part, a cross-cultural misunderstanding - he is Malaysian. His comment to me showed that he saw no problem with the ad - he thought I was upset that he was getting credit for my work. I was impressed that he responded at all.

Updated: This is another one that isn't as bad, but still a pain. This person uploaded one half of the Wiki in Plain English video. Since the video is branded as Common Craft, these incomplete versions make a bad impression.

I really, really hope that I'm not going to have to fight this fight every day in the future.