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New Videos by 1/29 Explainers

1/29 Explainers (a member of our Explainer Network) has been doing a lot of great work lately and I'd like to highlight a couple of their recent projects.  Nick Seuser heads up the team in the Bay Area and I asked him to provide a bit of info about the projects:

The first video is for Flock, the social web browser:

Built for Facebook and Twitter, and with over 200,000 views in just 5 weeks, our spot for Flock’s new version of their social web browser has been successful in focusing attention on the award-winning “#1 most popular non-mobile desktop application on Facebook!”

Next up with have a video for the Millennium Foundation's MASSIVEGOOD event:

With such keynote speakers as Bill Clinton, Condoleeza Rice, Annie Lennox and Ashley Judd, this piece premiered at the GBC Conference in June, 2010.  The idea was to demonstrate how easy it is - with just a few clicks - for companies and employees to save lives while getting business done.

Good stuff. If you're in the market for a video that explains your company, service or product, check out the Explainer Network of video producers, or contact Common Craft.