New Video: Spreadsheets Explained

Because data is becoming a pervasive part of everyday life, spreadsheets are a key skill for the 21st century. Unfortunately, spreadsheets can feel a bit overwhelming and can be difficult to understand for the novice. This video explains the basics and why spreadsheets are useful in organizing and calculating data.

This video, our 109th title, was suggested by members and is now available in the Common Craft video library.

What it Teaches:

This video uses an example of a snack bar to show how a spreadsheet can help the snack bar owner organize his sales numbers and plan for the future. It teaches:

  • Why spreadsheets are organized into rows, columns, cells, and locations
  • How to tell the difference between data, cell, and location
  • How spreadsheets are used to organize and calculate data
  • How spreadsheets automatically recalculate data when numbers changes
  • How spreadsheets can be used in large organizations with large data sets

Watch the Video

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