New Video: Programming Languages Explained by Common Craft

Our new video explains the basics of programming computers - and specifically, programming languages.

About this video:

Computers can perform amazing feats of speed, repetition and calculation. But what they are really doing is following instructions we write in programming languages. This video is designed to help people understand the role of programming languages in computers.
What it Teaches:

How do we tell computers what to do? Using the simple example of a computer controlling an oven’s temperature, we show how programming languages turn our ideas into instructions the computer can use. It teaches:

  • Why programming languages matter
  • How programming languages provide instructions to computers
  • How we give computers a way to make decisions
  • Why programming is challenging and important

Watch it now...

We'd also like to recognize Jay Fienberg of Juxtaprose for his technical help on this video and others. Thanks Jay!