New Video: Online Photo Sharing 2

One of our earliest videos (from 2007!) explained online photo sharing. While much of that video is still relevant, photo sharing has changed significantly over the years and now plays a much bigger role in our online lives.

So, we've created a completely new version of the video which focuses not only on why photo sharing matters, but how to do it safely and responsibly. This new video will replace the older version in our library.

Online Photo Sharing - Explained

What it Teaches:

Today, we’re taking and sharing more photos than ever before. In the moment, it’s easy to forget that sharing photos can represent both fun and risk. By understanding the basics of online photo sharing and how to share responsibly, we can reduce the risk and focus on the fun. This video teaches:

  • Why photo sharing is more popular than ever
  • How people often interact with online photos
  • What kinds of data and information are included when sharing online photos
  • How online photos create a digital footprint that can become a risk in the future
  • What you can do to reduce the risks

Watch the Video