New Video: Online Discussion Forums

Today we’re announcing a new member-requested video that explains online discussion forums in about 2.5 minutes.  


Watch it now

About this video: In the real world, we depend on discussions for learning and socializing. It’s how we relate to one another. The same thing happens on the Web, and thanks to discussion forums we have a reliable way to organize and discover information in the form of discussions among people anywhere in the world. 

It teaches:
  • The role of discussion forums on the Web
  • Why discussion forums matter
  • How discussion forums are organized
  • What is required for forum participation
  • How forums are managed and can become a community
This video is part of our series on Social Media and is designed to help educators introduce common online tools.  If you're interested in using the Common Craft videos in your classroom, check out our membership options
We'd like to thank Patrick O'Keefe for helping with this video. He is a friend and the author of Managing Online Forums. If you want to dive deeper into forums, I can't recommend his book enough.