New Video: Mobile Safety and Security

We hope you've had an excellent summer so far! This is a big moment for us at Common Craft, as today we're publishing our 100th original video. And it's a good one for anyone who uses a smartphone.

Mobile Safety and Security - Explained by Common Craft

What it Teaches:

We now depend on smartphones for access to our most sensitive information, so it’s more important than ever to keep them safe and secure. By learning a few simple practices, we can help protect them from being stolen, hacked or compromised by criminals. This video teaches:

  • Why keeping a smartphone safe and secure matters
  • How to use common security settings
  • How to prevent a phone from being stolen
  • How to prevent a phone from being hacked or infected with a virus
  • What you can do to keep your phone from being a target for criminals

Watch the Video


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