New Video: Gamification Explained

Our new video explains gamification

Find out why so many teachers, organizations and products are using gamification to engage and motivate others. 

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What if completing your goals felt more like a game, with points, competition and awards? That’s the goal of gamification - to motivate and engage people by making the completion of tasks feel like a game that you want to win.

What it Teaches

Gamification is becoming a bigger part of our lives and for good reason:  it works. This video explains the concept of gamification and how game mechanics are used to motivate people to accomplish personal and professional tasks and goals. It teaches:

  • Why data and measurements are not enough to motivate people
  • Why products, services and organizations are using gamification
  • How an internal team uses gamification to complete a project
  • Why gamification is becoming a part of everyday life
  • How gamification can be used by anyone

Watch the video

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