New Video - Documents: Online vs Local

Documents play the same role they always have, but how we create and share them has evolved significantly. This video explains online documents and how they differ from local documents that are saved on a computer. If you know students or anyone who needs a clearer understanding of online documents, this video will help.

This video, our 110th title, is now available in the Common Craft video library. You can watch it in full for a limited time.

What it Teaches:

For many years, documents lived on our computers. When online documents came along, they started to live on the internet and that changed how we created and shared them. This video explains how online documents differ from local documents saved on a computer. It teaches:

  • What makes a document local versus online
  • Why local documents represent a risk and make collaboration difficult
  • How to create and share an online document
  • Why collaboration is easier with an online document
  • What kinds of documents are online documents

Watch the Video