New Video: Blockchain Explained

Blockchain: New and Potentially Huge

Every once in a while, we come upon a subject that is both extremely complicated and potentially transformational. We treat these subjects with care and work hard to capture the big, fundamental ideas that create a foundation for learning more in the future. 

Today, that subject is Blockchain, which is the backbone of the digital currency Bitcoin and a concept that could be used more widely in the future. 

The video below uses an analogy to show why blockchain may represent a better way for a small village to manage ownership of village property. 

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What it Teaches

This video provides a big picture look at why blockchain matters. Using the story of a village, it explains how villagers, who had a centralized authority for ownership, discover a new, decentralized way to manage ownership of village property. It teaches:

  • How central authorities (banks, government) currently account for changes in ownership
  • Why a fundamentally new accounting system is now possible using the internet
  • How blockchain works to create a decentralized system that users manage
  • Why this new system is considered safe, secure and transparent

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