New Video - Big Data Explained by Common Craft

Today we’re announcing a new video explanation: Big Data - Explained by Common Craft

Big Data - Common Craft
What it Teaches:
Incredible amounts of data are produced every day, so much that we can’t use it all.  Big data is a term used to describe the tools and processes that seek to make this data useful and productive.  This video uses the example of traffic data to teach:
  • Where big data comes from and how it’s collected
  • Why special tools are required to use it
  • The three big challenges: Volume, Variability and Velocity
  • The potential of big data across multiple industries
New Website Design:
We recently updated the design of the Common Craft website to make it easier to navigate and find videos. Some changes are still underway (pardon our dust) and this is just the beginning.  Soon we’ll be announcing new features, tools and membership plans.  More on that with the next newsletter.
Book Update:
Just recently I asked my editor make a small change to something in the book and she replied saying that the book had been sent to the printer and no changes were possible. I guess that means it’s done!  Phew.  
The full Art of Explanation website is now up and includes the book’s introductiontable of contents, etc.  We made a book trailer in Common Craft style, of course. Did I mention that it is now available for pre-order

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