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New Video: Apps Explained by Common Craft

Today we’re announcing a new video: Apps - Explained by Common Craft
We hear so much about apps today that it’s easy to think about them being a fundamentally new phenomenon, but the truth is that we used apps or “software applications” long before mobile phones.  This video explains what caused apps to evolve and what new systems are in place that are making them so popular and useful today.
It teaches:
  • The big idea behind applications and how they work with computers
  • The role of “platforms” and how they have changed thanks to mobile devices
  • The evolution to smaller, cheaper apps that become collectible
  • The role of online marketplaces for marketing and distributing apps
  • How apps are now becoming a part of browsers, social networks and game systems
This video is aimed at educators who teach technology and is related to other Common Craft titles that focus technology and mobile, like: